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Can Suppression occur in Homeopathy?

Before replying the question, let us first discuss what suppression is. During treatment of diseases of a patient, very often it is seen that after administration of a medicine on the patient, the signs and symptoms of the patient are all gone. And the patient reports cure! But within a few  hours to days, it may so happen that the patient starts suffering from some new peculiar troubles never suffered before. In the history of Medicine, many such reports of metastasis of symptoms are recorded. This incident is referred to as suppression.

Yes, occasionally suppression also happens in Homeopathy. Here, I would place a very interesting case in this regard that I took down while I used to attend Seminars on Homeopathy during my student-days in D.N.DE Homeopathic Medical College, Kolkata in 1980’s. This live case  was narrated by one of the lecturers of a seminar. I am placing the verbatim reproduction of the case as delivered by the lecturer:

“One  day a boy of about 15 yrs. was brought to my chamber. He was a very lean and thin boy, apparently a long suffered patient from some chronic ailment. His chief complaints were that he could not lie down, as soon as he lay down, there were severe palpitations of heart and he had to sit up. For last 15 days or so, he used to suffer from these troubles. On query it was collected that he was suffering from different types of pain of extremities from his childhood days and very recently he had a pain around his great toes which was better from application of cold water. He was treated by one local homeopath with Ledum Pal. of gradually increasing potency. Lastly he was administered 50M and thereafter the pain of great toes was gone completely. However, within a day or two, these new troubles started. From deep query it was collected that the father of the boy contacted gonorrhea prior to his marriage and was treated by modern medicine. Accordingly, I presumed the case to be one of an inherited sycotic miasmatic state and prescribed Medorrhinum 200 just one dose. Within a few hours of receiving the medicine, the boy could lie down at ease and got a sound sleep. However, on the following day, his pains around the great toes returned and his father came to me for medicine. The boy did not require any more medicine; wait and watch for a few days more settled the case. Here, Ledum Pal. 50M suppressed the disease-state which was cured by anti-sycotic remedy Medorrhinum 200 following the principle of Hering’s law of cure”.         

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