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Is Homeopathy unscientific?

Before answering the question, I would like to raise one question – How do we decide whether a subject is scientific? We know that science is concerned with three steps:1)Experiment  2)Observation  3)Inference. If an experiment is conducted, we shall have some observation; it may be noted ‘nothing happens’ is also an observation.It is admitted on all hands that, If the same experiment is conducted anywhere under the same environmental conditions as it were in the first one and the observations remain identical with that of the first one, we infer that the experiment is a matter of science.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann invented Homeopathy around 1796 AD in Germany. He invented this system of Medicine by conducting experiments with medicines on healthy human beings in a special way and noting down the signs & symptoms that observed in bodies of the human beings or felt by the human beings. This was a fact. And History of Medicine still bore the evidence to this fact. Nobody can challenge this.

Now, if the same experiments as Dr. Hahnemann conducted about more than 200 years ago, are conducted today, the same observations would be seen. Here, I am not going into the details of controversy  how the experiments could be conducted on healthy human beings, is there any material in so minimum a dose of medicine etc.etc, I just say that if the same experiments are conducted with the same  medicines upon the healthy human beings, the same observations would be noted!

However, if anyone is interested to know all about those epoch-making experiments, he can jolly-well check those in Internet and if he critically observes the details of Dr. Hahnemann’s experiments, I am sure, he would be convinced of the procedures, may be, he would be amazed to note the details of those experiments and observations!

Homeopathy is not a voodoo neither a witchcraft ! It has its own system of experiments, observations and inferences in place. Here the medicines are prepared, preserved following strictest rules of Homoeopathic Phamacopeia and dispensed following definite principles [SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURRENTER, SIMILE SIMPLEX MINIMUM] after collecting signs and symptoms from a patient.

Most of the so-called persons of science attack Homeopathy in respect of its potentised medicines like 30, 200, 1000 etc.etc. Their logic is that by virtue of Avogadro's Number, there is not a single molecule of substance in any medicine beyond 12 potency, so medicines of higher potencies do not contain any medicinal substance, then how could they be called medicines at all !! Of course, they use the term 'dilution' not 'potency'. There is a distinct qualitative difference between 'dilution' and 'potency'. And herein lies the reason as to why high potency homeo-medicines, devoid of any material substance, exhibit powerful therapeutic power !

Dilution is a physical process meaning precisely to dilute a substance with a solute. Potentisation is an entirely different procedure! At this point, I am not going into the details of potentisation, interested readers may look into any standard book of homeopathic pharmacy to the details in ths regard.  I am convinced that it is the process of potentisation that makes the so-caaled ‘dilution’ a potentised homeo-medicine. And that Homeopathic potentised medicines do have therapeutic properties to cure diseased-patients had already been proved down the ages and and is being proved every second till these days. Ignoring this fact, condemning a system of medicine as absurd or unscientific, simply because this is out of our comprehension is highly irrational. Failure of comprehension of a fact with one’s intelligence does not make the Fact absurd. A Fact is fact. Rather, I consider,  present day science is immature enough to find out the reason of thereapeutic value of homeopathic medicines which do not possess a single molecule of medicine. I am convinced that some day would come, the sooner it comes the better, when the truth will come out. Till those days, let the blamers blame because it is easy to blame!   

So, I will now let answer to the question be decided by anybody who reads this.

Just one information I like to add here, throughout ages, many stalwarts of different systems of Medicines came to prove that the homeopathy was unscientific and every one of them, yes every one of them, who ventured to go through the literatures of homeopathy thoroughly, returned with a view to the contrary! ‘Those who came to scoff, remain at Pray!’



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