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What are Anti-miasmatic Remedies in Homeopathy?


First, let us discuss the term ‘Miasm’. Concluding a research on the nature of Chronic Diseases for about 12 years, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann propounded a theory of Miasms. Miasms are some kind of pollutes which, if attacked the human system once causing a particular disease and the same disease was not properly treated or left untreated, left permanent a stigma on the System of the subject. This stigma never disappears of itself and was called by Dr. Hahnemann as Miasmatic state; they were three in number and were the root cause of all sorts of Chronic Diseases. These are Psoric miasmatic state, Sycotic miasmatic state and Syphilitic miasmatic state.

Dr. Hahnemann also earmarked various medicines which are capable of eradicating chronic diseases arising out of the miasmatic states. These medicines are known anti-psoric or anti-sycotic or anti-syphilitic remedies. Since, they are capable of removing constitutional dyscrasia, they are also called deep acting constitutional remedies.  In general, they are called Anti-miasmatic remedies., for example Sulphur is called the king of anti-psoric medicines, Mercurius Sol., the king of anti-syphilitc and Thuja Occ., the king of anti-sycotic medicines. These medicines are must for treatment of Chronic Diseases. In the armoury of Homeopahthy, there are a lot of anitmiasmatic medicines.

In this connection, it may be noted that not all remedies in Homeopathy are anti-miasmatic remedies.

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