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What are Hering’s Laws of Cure?



Dr. C. J. Hering

Dr. Constantine J. Hering, a legendary figure in the history of homeopathy, from observation of the process of cure of diseases during treatment propounded these ‘Laws of Order of cure’ which are taken as the Ideals of Cure in Homeopathy. The order of cure, i.e., disappearance of symptoms/troubles should ideally occur:

1)From above downwards

2)From within outwards

3)From centre to periphery

4)From more important organs to less important organs

5)In the reverse order of their appearance  

Like everything else in homeopathy, there were and are also controversies about these; some say these are not laws but rules, others say these are neither laws nor rules, just dogmas, so on and so forth. Despite all criticisms, all good homeopaths still to-day refer to these whenever processes of cure are in question.  

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