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It is the German synonym of 'Like Cures Like'! The principle on which the whole of the Homeopathic Medicine is standing. Though, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was not the first to invent the concept, but he was the first to evolve a new system of Medicine depending on the principle of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR! 

Before invention of the novel concept of Homeopathic Medicine, Dr. Hahnemann, though had an M.D.degree in erswhile Medicine, shunning Practice of Medicne being disenchanted with its ruthless and unscientific practices, used to earn his livelihood from the profession of translation of medical books from one language to another.

Once while translating the therapeutic power of Cinchona, a line caught his attention which said, "the extract of Cinchona when taken by a healthy individual, malaria-like symptoms appears in his person". In those days too, Cinchona was used to cure malaria. Curious Dr.Hahnemann experimented effect of Cinchona upon himself and found the line of the book to be true. From this, he generlized a concept that 'a substance which can create a disease-like symptoms in healthy human-being, can also cure the natural disease having the same types of symtoms in a person' -SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR.

He then conducted hundreds of thousands of experiments with potentised substances upon healthy human beings who came forward to help Dr.Hahnemann. He noted the symptoms arising out of taking the substances by the healthy humans and thus Homeopathic Material Medica came into being. Thereafter, a lot of experiments and reasearches Dr.Hahnemann conducted throughout his life to fine tune his evolved System of Medicine and those are a lot of new chapters in the History of Homeopathic Medicine! 

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